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care for those who matter most!

Humble Abode's vision is to provide companion services to our clients.

Compassionate Care Services for your loved ones.


Humble Abode, LLC is a companion agency that offers support to our clients by providing personal sitters within a residential setting to offer support and assist our clients and families as needed to enhance the quality of life.

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Humble Abode provides these non-medically supervised services to the patient at home:

  • Provide supervision  and guidance with ADL tasks 

  • Offer medication reminders

  • Engagement in mind-stimulating activities while providing emotional support 

  • Light exercise guidance within the client's limitations

  • Assistance with light housekeeping and  laundry chores

  • Running errands such as grocery pick up and picking up medications, etc.

  • Provide transportation to non-emergency appointments 


Humble Abode is a benefit for you and your loved ones by offering:


Companionship and Engagement

It has been proven that seniors that stay actively engaged with others and keep their mind working can minimize the progression of and reduce the onset of memory-related conditions. Seniors with regular companionship seem to become ill less often, suffer less from depression and heal faster from injuries.


Peace of Mind

Rest easy whether your loved one is in the hospital, rehab, or in the room down the hall with a companion sitter; your mind can be free to focus on working, taking care of errands, or getting some sleep knowing your companion has things covered.


Faster recovery time + fewer injuries

Without the need to concern themselves with things like meal preparation, driving, or keeping up the house seniors can recover much faster from incidents and surgeries. They are also less likely to suffer from future injuries by allowing their bodies to rest with the respite provided by a senior companion who does homemaker duties. Having a friendly person to talk to who provides emotional support further promotes mental wellness and greater levels of personal happiness.

Ensuring honest, dependable care.
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